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Am I entitled to Financial Support?

You are entitled to financial support if you have been separated or divorced from your husband or are undergoing divorce proceedings.

wife maintenanceUnder Section 69 of the Women’s Charter, you are also entitled to financial support if your husband neglects or refuses to provide you with reasonable maintenance during your marriage.

However, if you do not apply for maintenance during divorce proceedings, or if the Court has rejected your application for maintenance, you will not be entitled to financial support.

How will the Court Award maintenance?
The amount of maintenance awarded by the Court depends on various factors, including the following:
  1. Your financial needs
  2. The income, earning capacity (if any), property and other financial resources that you and your husband/ex-husband may have
  3. Any physical or mental disability that you may have
  4. The contributions made by you and your husband/ex-husband to the welfare of the family
  5. The standard of living enjoyed by the both of you during the marriage
  6. The ages of the both of you
  7. The duration of your marriage
  8. You and your husband/ex-husband’s conduct in the marriage (if the conduct is such that it would be in the opinion of the court inequitable to disregard it)
  9. The likelihood of your remarriage
Generally, the Judge will try to place you in the same standard of living as you would have enjoyed, had the marriage not broken down.

How long will the Maintenance Last?
The maintenance will typically last until the wife or the husband dies, or until the wife remarries (whichever occurs earlier).

When can I Apply for Increased maintenance?
You can apply for increased maintenance at any time if the circumstances under which the original Order for maintenance was given have changed. You can do this by applying to the Court to vary the Order for maintenance. Your husband/ex-husband may also apply to the Court to vary the Order for maintenance.

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