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Divorce Lawyers in Singapore

Gloria James-Civetta & Co has one of the largest established Family LawTeams in Singapore.If you are considering separating from your spouse and need advice, or you are looking to vary a parenting order, make financial arrangements, we have a team of experienced and dedicated family lawyers ready to assist you.
If you require representation at Court in relation to a Separation matter we can also help you. We a put you at ease with immediate advice.
If you need to resolve parenting and financial matters after your divorce, you will need to make a separate application to court. Our Singapore divorce lawyers, can help guide you through this process and to make sure you make the right application in the Family Court of Singapore.
Gloria James-Civetta & CO was named “Family Law Firm of the year” in Singapore by Acquisition International, and endorsed by Global law Experts, ACQ 5 Magazine and Legal Finest for our expertise in Family Law.
Our Principal Partner Ms James is a Harvard Law School trained Mediator and Collaborative Family Practice lawyer.
Take advantage of our free 2o-minute consultation with one of our Family lawyers, on the divorce process in Singapore to assess whether you meet the requirements to file for divorce in Singapore. Kindly contact us on 63370469 or email us

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