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Highly contested divorces in Singapore, are emotional minefields. It is advisable to have strong and understanding legal representation.

Singapore divorce lawyers are here to provide the professional and attentive representation you seek. Singapore family law firm serves its` clients in a variety of cases. Such as:

Divorce: Representing both men and women in contested divorce. We also provide cost-effective fixed fee packages to those with straightforward, uncontested consent divorces.

Property Division: Division of marital assets and any debts which are a critical part of any divorce proceeding.

Child Custody and Visitation: We understand the emotional drain a divorce can have on families. You can count on our firm to do everything possible to ensure that those relationships are protected.

Singapore divorce lawyers are dedicated to helping couples whose relationships have irretrievably broken down by encouraging them to avoid expensive courtroom battles by combining mediation and Collaborative Divorce law expertise.

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