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Singapore Family Lawyers

Gloria James-Civetta has one of the biggest teams practicing exclusively in the area of family law in Singapore. By specialising in this area, we are able to assist our clients as Singapore divorce lawyers.

Our Singapore Family Lawyers Gloria James, Cheryl Cheong and Yvonne J. Schelkis-Sweeney are well experienced in the field of family law.

We represent our clients in relation to the arrangements for their children, finances and property issues by providing calm, objective, expert legal advice in order to resolve your family law matter calmly, quickly in a cost effective approach.

We are able to assist our clients in all areas covering family law, including Singapore and international divorce, property settlement, childrens' issues and spousal maintenance. We also provide services in the area of personal protection orders (PPO), which may arise prior to or subsequent to Family Court proceedings.

Gloria James-Civetta & CO was named “Family Law Firm of the year” in Singapore by Acquisition International, and endorsed by Global law Experts, ACQ 5 Magazine and Legal Finest for our expertise in Family Law.

Our principal Ms James is a Harvard Law School trained Mediator and Collaborative Family Practice lawyer.

Why not call us on +65 63370469 or email us today, to arrange an initial free 20 minute consultation to discuss your situation

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