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Are Judicial Separation And Divorce Same Thing?

Divorce and Judicial separation are the two terms which are often confused. They are not at all meaning the same thing in your life. Judicial separation of the couples married gives the favour to both the partners to get relief from all the marriage obligations. They can stay separately each other after the interpretation of court in judicial separation Singapore. You must be legally married with your spouse and your marriage must be at least 3 years, from the date, when you are appealing for a separation. Mainly the grounds, based on which a separation case is filed are adultery or some of the critical unnatural behaviour, form any of the partners. The best family law firm will make you understand the things better.

Understanding the difference of separation from divorce

There are few basic things which need to be considered to understand the difference between a divorce and a separation as both the words carries a different set of meaning:
  • Unlike Divorce, Judicial separation is not the termination of a marriage. So the allowance to remarry is not given to either of the couples, in such cases. So, you must understand this point from best family law firm and then decide, whether you are willing to go for a divorce or a separation.
  • Laws regarding the assets of matrimony and children is same in the case of judicial separation Singapore, as is there in the case of divorce. Laws regarding the care and maintenance of children is same in both the cases.

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