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Can I generate My Will & Last Testament Online?

Generating your last will and testament is now easier than ever. All you need to do is type your instructions to questions posed on our Internet site.
  • Choose up to 2 Executors
  • Naming of up to 5 Beneficiaries
  • Distribution of Assets as a Percentage
  • Residuary Clause Which Includes all Your Assets (before and after making your Will)

By following some simple guidelines suggested by our Wills and Estate Law Firm, you'll end up with your last will and testament with your last wishes. That simple!

You will need to make sure that your do-it-yourself legal document is reflecting clearly what you want. When it is time for the document to go through the probate process, there should be absolutely no doubt as to who will inherit your assets, how they will be distributed and who you choose to be the executor/s of your estate after you pass.

The online will form will not work for everyone and every situation. The online will best serves candidates for using them are those individuals who are not possession of substantial assets. There will be certain situations that warrant an estate lawyer's expertise. If your affairs are complicated or if you hold substantial assets that require special attention, you should seek the help of an experienced estate and wills lawyer who can offer you will writing services in Singapore and give you the guidance you need.

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