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Gloria James-Civetta & Co - Family Lawyers in Singapore

Family law issues are some of the most emotional times that an individual or family will encounter. Choosing the right family lawyers is an important decision which should not be taken lightly. Our guiding principle is to dispense advice based on law and extensive years of practice as Singapore divorce lawyers.

Our divorce lawyers are compassionate and eager to represent their clients the best way they can but firm in advising our clients when it comes to unrealistic expectations –

“We support our clients through sound legal advise, guidance and education pertaining to their Singapore divorce.

Our principal partner has over 20 years of experience representing clients in Singapore. From consent divorce agreements, to spousal/child maintenance issues, custody cases to international divorces.

At our family law firm, where possible, we encourage our clients to pursue alternative dispute-resolution methods such as mediation and collaborative divorce, where our clients may be able to reach a settlement that preserves relationships and saves them money.

At Gloria James-Civetta & Co, we offer a free 2o-minute consultation with one of our lawyers, on the divorce process and assess whether you meet the requirements to file for divorce in Singapore. Kindly contact us on 63370469 or email us

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