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Personal Injury Claims in Singapore

Instances where one may want to claim for personal injury:
  1. Personal injuries in general
  2. Medical negligence
  3. Claiming for personal injury vicariously
Personal injury in general

There are many grounds for filing a personal injury claim with the help of a personal injury lawyer but the most common one used these days is on the basis of negligence. An action can be considered negligence when:

- The Plaintiff can prove that the damage was factually foreseeable by the Defendant
- The Plaintiff must prove that he was physically, circumstantially or casually proximate to the Defendant
- There must be no public policy considerations
- When the Defendant had voluntarily assumed responsibility

Following the breach of duty of care by the Defendant, the Plaintiff can lodge a claim for personal injury when:

- Breach caused damage to the Plaintiff
- Plaintiff’s loss as a result of the breach is not too remote, i.e. must be foreseeable by the Defendant
- Plaintiff’s loss can be proven and quantified adequately

Medical Negligence

- That the medical personnel did not act in accordance to the practice accepted as proper in that particular field
- Evidence of such malpractice has to be provided
Claiming for personal injury vicariously
- There is a clear employer-employee dynamic, where the employer has some form of direct control over the employee
- The act must occur within the course of employment

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