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What does it Cost to Make a Will?

The thing that puts people off  making a Will is lack of information concerning what their options are for making their Will, the costs involved and the fear of realising that they will one day pass on.

In this article, we look at the different options and costs involved in making a do it yourself Will On-line and using a Professional Will Writing service (Solicitor).

Make Your Own Will On-line

If your issues are straightforward and you are not in procession of many or hold high net worth assets, the use of Online Will writing services may be the best option for you, provided you follow all the instructions in the online will form carefully.

Appointment of an Executor your Will

The executor in your will is a person that you appoint in your Last Will and Testament to carry out your wishes and appropriately distribute your estate accordingly to your specific instructions when you pass away.

Executors may also be beneficiaries of a Will. Family members are often chosen as Executors because this can make life simpler when dealing with the winding up of your estate.

Excluding an individual from Your Will

You may, for whatever reason decide that you wish to exclude someone from your Will. This can be achieved by placing a Deliberate Exclusion clause which can be included in your Will. This Deliberate Exclusion to your Will, will make it very clear that you did not wish a specific individual/s to benefit from the proceeds of your estate when you pass on.

The Cost of making a Will

Simple online Wills are straight forward in nature, expect to pay around $250. On the other hand, in more complicated Wills requiring the advice of a Wills and Estate Lawyer, the price range can start at $300 onwards, depending on the number of issues and complexities involved.

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