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A Law Firm That Works For you Every Day

Matrimonial Law Service

Gloria James-Civetta & Co is your friendly local specialist divorce law firm, dedicated to helping you with practical advice and effective solutions so that you can make the best decisions in moving forward on your case.

Our Core Values

Our clients are our number one priority every time by constantly delivering them;

Sound Advise
Smart Strategies
Successful Resolutions

All our divorce lawyers are trained in Mediation skills, equipped with the necessary legal skills, to negotiate on your behalf. We always look for the best cost effective solutions for our clients and communicate them accurately.

Our Consultation Process

Whatever your situation, our family law practitioners are here to offer you sensitive, cost effective and expert advice

Our Singapore divorce lawyers will go through and help you understand each step of the divorce process, so that you can familiarise yourself with the different stages of divorce.

  • Assess if you meet the conditions to file for divorce in Singapore.
  • Answer any questions or concerns relating to the divorce process in Singapore.
  • Make suggestions on the possible courses of action to take.
Which Route to Follow?

If you are planning to divorce, our expert family law advise will help you negotiate this stage of your life more easily. We will help and guide you to see the larger picture, take you through the divorce process and help minimise the impact that it will have on you and your loved ones.

Our lawyers will provide you with expert advice so that you can make informed decisions

Call us now on 63370469
You can also email us at consult@gjclaw.com.sg

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