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Compassionate Divorce lawyers You Can Trust

You will receive, thoughtful and tactical guidance on family law issues such as:
  • Divorce — including pre-divorce mediation and negotiation, though to full court representation
  • Children's issues — visitation rights, parental relocation, enforcement of orders
  • The Collaborative Divorce Process — a voluntary, client-centred process and cooperative way to end your marriage with dignity
Ms Gloria James` broad range of legal services in Singapore divorce law means that she can advise and prepare those who are not yet ready to proceed to divorce, informing them of their rights under Singapore law.

She can advise on deed of separation and marital agreements for those who are not yet ready to undertake divorce.

Call Her Today on 63370469
Contact lawyer Gloria James for a free 20 minute consultation on the divorce process in Singapore and how she can best help you.

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