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Things You Need To Know About Judicial Separation

When any couple wants to live separately for the entire life without getting a divorce from their partners then they have the option for making Judicial separation Singapore. This is a deed which enables both the partners to live separately without any emotional bindings or so but officially they are still in the marriage relationship. This is like a divorce from the board and the bed but not officially. There can be many reasons for this kind of agreements and it is always better to appoint the best family law firm for the preparation of this kind of deed. As there are many clauses included in this deed regarding the custody of the children, their responsibilities, decision regarding their future etc. Then the couple may be financially dependent on each other that are also included in the terms and conditions of the deed of the Judicial separation Singapore.

This is a deed where the couple is legally separated and have their own life and the decisions but they are not divorced. So the decisions related to the above matters are still done with the consent of both of the partners. The best family law firm can help you get the separation from your partner if he or she is found to be immoral or doing any nuisance to the family or any fraud or harming or hurting you. Then if there is any case of adultery then that reason will be sufficient to get you the separation from your partner otherwise to get a separation, you need to be married atleast for three years.

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