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Divorce In Singapore - 5 Signs a Marriage is Really Over

When a marriage ends, there usually isn`t just the one contributing factor. It is typically, a long time brewing. A good divorce lawyer will tell you that an accumulation of problems throughout the years can suddenly come to head, and that`s where tone or both parties finally decide to call it quits.

Question is: what are the recognisable signs that you have reached that point of no return?

Here are 5 signs a marriage is really over

  1. You no longer function as a couple. Couples whose marriages are coming to an end are usually disconnected from each other. If it feels like a relief not to be around each other - it's a strong sign that you have already disengaged from the marriage.
  2. One spouse is a serial cheater. Some people are just not cut out for marriage; monogamy unravels them, even if they had other intentions when entering into the marriage. If there are no regrets, apologies, and an effort to seek counselling, it spells the end of your marriage.
  3. Lack of compromise in terms of wants and needs. An essential part of marriage involves making an effort to fulfill your partner's needs as well as also making sure your own needs are met. It’s a long term commitment of give and take which requires constant communication. If your partner continually refuses to engage or refuses to share his own needs, the marriage is not in a good place.
  4. You fantasize a life without your spouse. If you frequently spend a lot of time daydreaming about how much better life would be without your partner you need to soul search and as yourself if it is time to seek help from a marital therapist.
  5. The bad outweighs the good. Problems in a marriage feed from lack of positive action. If you have problems are not resolved and left lingering, they will soon outweigh the good aspects of your marriage. Are you at a point where the scales are about to tip too far and find yourself with unsolvable problems?

If you have reached the point of no-return in your marriage, it is best to seek the advise of an experienced divorce law firm. Your options are easily addressed by seeking advise of a divorce lawyer.

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