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Men and Divorce

Should I Leave My Cheating Wife?

If my wife cheated on me can I sue her for divorce on the grounds of adultery?

Yes you may commence divorce proceedings on the ground of ‘adultery’, provided you have clear evidence by way of an admission or a Private investigator`s report. You will have to file for divorce within 6 months after your discovery of the latest act of adultery. If you do not fulfil the requirements to file for adultery, you may wish to file for divorce on the ground of ‘unreasonable behaviour’ of your wife by indicating her improper association with another man.

Be sure to check with a local Singapore divorce lawyer to confirm the laws concerning grounds for divorce.

Do I stand a better chance of attaining care and control of my young children if my wife has been cheating on me?

If your wife posed a threat to the child's well-being and her lifestyle proven to show that it could be dangerous to the child of the marriage, maybe then you could get it but you would need to be able to show proof of this behaviour.

The court takes into consideration what they feel is in the “child’s best interest.” They will take into consideration a number of issues when considering custody. Issues such as who the child is living with at present, the relationship with each parent and a parent’s life style & ability to care for and provide for the child of the marriage. An experienced divorce lawyer will be able to advise you on this sensitive issue which is often misunderstood.

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