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What Will GJC Criminal Lawyers Do For Me?

If you have been arrested and charged by the Prosecutor and you decide that you want legal representation, seeking legal advice from a suitable lawyer would help safeguard your legal rights.

If you are a first-time offender, you would be very uncertain of the criminal procedure. At this juncture, you would not only be burdened with the possibility of being sentenced to jail , you would also have to grapple with administrative issues such as attending pre-trial conferences (PTCs), and preparing for trial (if you plead not guilty) such as securing witnesses and expert evidences.

By seeking help from GJC criminal lawyers, you can rest assure that our lawyers will see through all these matters and keep you updated of your case. Our lawyers will represent you in PTCs, or other liaisons with the Court or the Prosecution. This way, you need not be flustered with handling everything. On top of that, having GJC lawyers to advise you means that you will be represented by an experienced lawyer in Court to help you get a sentence to the best of your circumstances.

If you are a repeat-offender or feel that you have been unjustly prosecuted, you would definitely need a defence lawyer to represent you in Court. GJC lawyers have took on many high profile cases and have a vast experience in handling a large range of criminal offences. Mr Amarjit, has at many occasions, helped our clients fight for a reduction in sentence. For instances, in a case involving a client being charged for a breach of section 406 of the Penal Code for taking 23 iPads worth a total of more than $10,000 from her employers, Mr Amarjit successfully mitigated for a reduced sentence by showing the Court that our client, a first-time offender, was sincerely remorseful and has made full restitution. Our client was jailed for one day and a fine was not imposed on her. Another instance involved a client who was charged with having sex with his girlfriend (who was under the age of 16 years old). Mr Amarjit was able to highlight salient facts to convince the Court that our client was sincerely remorseful. He was let of with a warning, retaining a clean record.

At GJC Law, rest assure that our lawyers are impartial and would never impose their subjective beliefs on our clients. You can trust our lawyers to help you regardless of what crime you have committed. GJC Law lawyers are professional and will adhere strictly to our Professional Conduct Rules. Our clients can trust that our lawyers will only do what is best for them.

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