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Civil Claims Mediator : Helps to Explore and Resolve Civil Disputes

A Civil lawsuit is a court-based process through which one person can hold another liable for a type of wrongdoing. If the person is successful in doing so, they will be awarded a compensation for the harm that resulted from the wrongdoing. A Civil case is a lawsuit that deals with contracts or torts. Civil claim mediation is a process that helps parties to a civil lawsuit reach an agreement through the use of a neutral person trained in problem solving instead of going to trial. A Civil lawsuit is generally a case where the parties are suing for money, such as a personal injury.

A Civil claims mediator helps explore the dispute regarding civil issues and will help explore new options to resolve the civil dispute.
The action of suing means to bring the problem before a judge for a legal decision to be made by the court. However, it is your option to hire a lawyer or an agent to assist you in court. (An agent will not be provided by the court.) This person can question the other party and any witnesses for you, and can sum up the case on your behalf.

  • - Return of Security/Damage deposit: If you are suing for the return of a damage deposit, it must be proven that:
    • A deposit was made
    • The deposit was not returned or only partially returned
    • The condition of the premises when you moved in and moved out
  • - Motor Vehicle Accident: It must be proven that:
    • The accident has happened
    • Identity of the driver/or owner of the car
    • How the accident happened and what caused it
    • Reason for the amount you are suing
  • - Personal Injury claims
  • - Damages
  • - General Claims/Debt
  • - Contract: It must be proven that:
    • There was a contract
    • What the details of the contract are
    • How the contract was broken

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