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Should I Enter Into A Deed Of Separation?

A Deed of Separation is a legal document or an agreement entered between parties as a deed. It states the agreed terms regarding the divorce and any issues related to the marriage. There are two main categories in a separation agreement.

The first part of the agreement contains the terms that are related to the separation itself. This includes the date when the parties separated, the living arrangements of both parties, and the agreement that both parties will live separately from each other.

The second category contains terms on financial arrangements between the spouses and other terms. This has to be mutually agreed upon. Examples of this would be whether there should be any division of matrimonial assets (who gets the car), maintenance terms concerning the children’s living arrangements (who gets to care for the child, and how much access the other spouse gets). In this sense, a deed of separation is not too different from a divorce agreement. In most cases, a family or divorce lawyer is usually hired to draft the deed of separation, although an oral agreement or a written document composed by the couple is still considered just as substantial.

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