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What Can I Include In My Will?

Your Will should always account for everything that you own and you should always provide alternative options in case there is a failure of gift. Some of the more commonly included items in a will are:

- Landed properties (e.g. your house)
- Movables (e.g. your car)
- Businesses (e.g. your company/ business)
- Shares
- Expensive Jewellery
- Expensive Art Collections
- Bank accounts

Other possible items to account for in a will includes:
- Your pets (e.g. what is to happen to them/ who is to look after them?)

However, some items can not be accounted for in a will. This includes:
- Your CPF savings
- Your insurance policies where a nomination has been made
- Joint tenancy properties

For your CPF savings and insurance policies, you may create a nomination to indicate who and the portion you would like to give to each nominee. As for the properties held under joint ownership, once you pass on, the other party would be given your share of the property. It does not fall under part of your estate.

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