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Divorce Questions On Your Mind

1. Do I need a lawyer?
Engaging a matrimonial lawyer is not a must, but provided that you are able to file all necessary documents with the required information through the Electronic Filing System alongside with the correct filing fees.
Staff in the Family Justice Court is not in the position to provide you with any advice in regards to your divorce or the process.
Only the divorce lawyer you have engaged, can give you advice that is in your best interest.

2. How much is it going to cost for my divorce?
There is no definite answer to this question. It depends on whether the matter is being contested or not, on top of that, there may be added costs for lawyer’s consultation if you were to hire one. A lot depends on whether your divorce is contested or not and if it is, at what stage it can be resolved.
Generally speaking , divorce packages can start as low as $1500 Nett.

3. What are the requirements in order to get divorced?
Your marriage must have irretrievably broken down before the court will grant the divorce. In order to prove to the Court that the marriage has broken down, you have to show the Court, one or more of these following facts is true where your spouse has committed adultery; behaved in a manner or behaviour that you can no longer reasonable be expected to live together; deserted you for 2 years; agreed to a divorce and have been separated for at least 3 years; else if he/she disagrees, to have been separated for at least 4 years.

4. When can I remarry?
You can only do so after obtaining the Final Judgment from the Court.

5. What if I can’t find my spouse?
If your spouse cannot be found, you may still proceed with the divorce application, however costs will increase as the process will require further court submissions. Be reminded, that the onus is on you to serve the paper on your spouse.

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