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International Prenuptial Agreements

You need a highly experienced Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer when advising wealthy and entrepreneurial clients on protecting their wealth.

Expatriate/international couples also require particular protection in light of their place of residence and business interests.

Expat couples who plan to marry should consider making an international prenuptial agreement. There benefits are obvious for prenuptial agreements in conventional marriages where the parties are from different countries or have assets overseas or are living overseas.

Another key benefit for expat couples is that a prenuptial agreement will drastically simplify a future divorce that might otherwise be inordinately complex or confusing and in the hands of an international divorce lawyer.

A prenuptial agreement for international couples is a must for them to protect their interests should the marriage come to a sudden end.

Naturally, these agreements are extremely important to couples so they need to be handled by a knowledgeable and experienced international family lawyer.

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