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Singapore Child Support in a Nutshell – What You need to Know

Singapore Child Support lawyers

Determinations of child support in Singapore can be made prior to or during divorce proceedings. Responsibility for maintaining a child of the marriage lies with both parents. Generally, child maintenance is on-going until the children of the marriage reach the age of 21. If you are seeking child support or you need to advice for an unfair child support order, an experienced Singapore divorce lawyer can represent you and protect your rights in court.

An experienced matrimonial lawyer can represent you in court to determine child support orders at the time prior to and subsequent to divorce proceedings.

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Child Support Payments

Child support determination in Singapore is based on the child`s reasonable needs, taking into account the child`s custody arrangements, the financial position of each parent, and the welfare of the child. Under Singapore family law, both parents are responsible for providing financial support for their children (where applicable).

A good divorce lawyer`s role is to ensure that all the financial facts of the case are presented in order to ensure that the child support payment that is ordered is a fair one.

Enforcement of Child Support Orders

If you have an existing child support order and you are owed child support payments, a divorce lawyer can help you take legal action to collect unpaid child support payments. There are a number of penalties for parents who do not pay support. The family Court of Singapore cracks down hard on parents who are in arrears with their child support payments, imposing criminal penalties and wage garnishment orders to get them to pay.

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