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What you Should Know About Child Maintenance And Divorce

How do I know if I need to maintain my child?
If you have a child under the age of 21, both you and your spouse need to maintain the child.
In the event that the child decides to further his/ her education after the age of 21, the child is able to make an application for continued child maintenance until he/ she completes his/ her studies.

How does child maintenance work?
The parent who has care and control of the child would be referred to as the “receiving parent”. Typically, the paying parent would pay his/ her portion of the child maintenance to the receiving parent, who would use the funds towards the care and maintenance of the child.
Parents may also agree that the paying parent make direct payments to the receiving organization (such as the child’s school or childcare centre).

How do I apply for child maintenance in Singapore?
  • If you wish to apply for maintenance for your child, your lawyer will have to take out an application and file it personally with you at the Family Registry at Level 1 of the Family Justice Courts.
  • After completing and submitting your application for maintenance, which is in the form of a Magistrate’s Complaint, you must swear or affirm your complaint before a Magistrate or District Judge.
If your application is in order, a summons will be issued to your child’s father (i.e. the respondent). A letter will then be sent to the respondent to accept the summons at the Maintenance Registry of the Family Justice Courts on a stipulated date and time.
Checklist When Seeing Your Family Lawyer
Checklist for your preparation, providing us with information and what will be your proposed terms of settlement.
  1. Documents required: marriage certificate (copy), NRIC Copy, CPF statement (extract from www.cpf.gov.sg)* if not able to obtain this as yet, not an issue.
  2. Once you have provided the info, your Singapore divorce lawyer will then proceed to prepare the divorce papers (draft) and send to you for your approval.
For the next steps you will need to let your divorce lawyer know how you want your divorce papers served on your spouse. This may be done via personal service.
If your spouse is in agreement on the terms your matrimonial lawyer can then prepare the papers for both to sign and to come in on separate days. Thereafter we file the papers in court, and wait for the judgment to be given.

Our dedicated family lawyers are ready to assist you with the above. Please do feel free to contact us on 63370469 or email us at consult@gjclaw.com.sg if you should you have any further questions or concerns.

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