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Annulment: Prenuptial Agreements

What are they?

Prenuptial agreements refer to contracts entered into between spouses before a marriage as a form of insurance against the possibility of divorce. Due to their contractual nature, they must satisfy the requirements of any basic legal contract.

What matters can a prenuptial agreement deal with?

Almost all matters concerning the state of affairs between two person married to each other can be dealt with in a prenuptial agreement. The broad subjects include rights over property, maintenance, and custody matters.

What are the usual terms in a prenuptial agreement?

The usual terms include:
  1. Ownership of property during the marriage and any special arrangements made by the parties;
  2. Division of properties during separation or divorce or death of one party;
  3. Liabilities and debts owed by one or both parties;
  4. Maintenance issues; and
  5. The governing law of the prenuptial agreement.
Benefits of prenuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreements can:
  • Offer supplementary certainty in the financial arrangements of the parties;
  • Protect the assets acquired by each party before the marriage;
  • Safeguard spouses from the debts incurred by the other party; and
  • Protect family heirlooms or family businesses in the event of divorce.
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