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The Role of a Divorce Lawyer in Singapore


A divorce lawyer in Singapore represents clients who have decided to dissolve their marriage. The complexity of each particular case will determine the amount of work and the type of representation needed.

Below is a list of tasks that good divorce lawyers in Singapore should be proficient in:
  • Calculate division of assets
  • Calculate spousal and child support issues
  • Represent their clients in court hearings
  • Represent their clients in the Collaborative Family Practice process
  • Offer mediation to their clients in order to settle out of court and save money for the clients
The Major Responsibilities of a Divorce Lawyer
Divorce lawyers spend a lot of their time communicating with clients, drafting legal documents, resolving emergency situations, consulting/communicating with other law professionals as well as going to the Family court.

Divorce Lawyers are often found drafting documents for their client`s cases, including the serving of documents correspondence to clients or opposing counsel, motions related to child custody, child & spousal support and occupancy issues of the marital home.

Personal Protection Orders, Maintenance Orders and Annulment proceedings will require the divorce attorney to attend court. They are also required to prepare for each court appearance by spending time to prepare (reading through the case documentation) what will be said in court before a Judge.

Qualities of Good Divorce Lawyers
  • Good communicators who listen to your needs
  • Guide you to decide the course of action to take by showing the big picture
  • Explain the law regarding your situation
  • Offer you alternative dispute resolution avenues to save you time and money
  • Not afraid to tell you what you may not want to hear
  • Give you a realistic assessment on the chances of achieving your desired result
Ms Gloria James-Civetta, offers a free 20-minute consultation on the divorce process in Singapore and assess whether you meet the requirements to file for divorce in Singapore. Kindly call us on 63370469 or email us for more details.

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