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Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Divorce proceedings in Singapore can be a painful and arduous process for all parties involved. It can come with huge emotional stress and financial issues, especially if the proceedings become protracted. But it does not have to be this way. Collaborative divorce is one of the options available for couples to end their marriage on a peaceful and amicable note. However, parties have to be willing to work with and not against each other. Through a collaborative process, the best interests of both sides, and their children (if any) will be accounted for.

Both parties to a divorce would have to engage a professional collaborative trained lawyer, one that is accredited by the Singapore Mediation Centre.

What a collaborative trained lawyer can do for you in the Collaborative Family Process:
  1. Determine and help secure your goal and best interests:
    • A good collaborative divorce lawyer would commit their time to best understand their client, building up a strong relationship of trust and confidence.
    • They will also ensure that all necessary information is properly collected and exchanged with the other lawyer involved.
  2. Offer and weigh the different options available
    • A CFP trained divorce lawyer in Singapore would tailor advice based on the circumstances and ensure that you are well aware of your options in resolving the dispute.
    • They will also ensure that you will not be disadvantaged, ensuring as far as possible a fair and just outcome for both sides.
  3. Provide assistance in the negotiation process
    • Your divorce lawyer will assist you throughout the negotiation and settlement process, facilitating communication, and help parties reach satisfactory outcome.
    • All negotiations will be open and respectful, ensuring the process is smooth and peaceful for parties involved.
Once settlement is obtained between parties, the necessary draft consent order will be drawn and filed into Court for approval. Once it is approved by the Court, it would be sealed and converted into a Court order.

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