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Commercial Law

Commercial law is also known as business law, and this area of law applies to the rights, relations, and conduct a business engaged in commerce, merchandising, trading and sales. In most instances, it is considered to be a branch of civil law, which deals with both private law and public law. This area of law governs business transactions

Commercial lawyers are solicitors who advise companies and governments on business related issues.

The main practice areas of a commercial law firm include:
  • Corporate: This area prepares legal documents required for corporate activities and act as project managers on these, making sure the legal aspects run smoothly and on a schedule.
  • Finance and Banking: Finance lawyers ensure that their clients are legally protected against risks involved in a financial deal such as the risk of losing money. Banking lawyers advise their clients on legal issues that come up in relation to financing arrangements in place.
  • Dispute resolution: These lawyers advise their clients on the law relation disputes in which they’re involved.
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