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Finding Solutions to Your Problems (Divorce)

Are you at the point of your life where you are living in a compromising lifestyle?

You are not alone….

This becoming an increasingly common situation which many people, face. If you feel that you are at the point of no return in your marriage then you need to face your issue head on.

Where do you go?

Who do you turn to?

If you have tried marriage counselling and it has not worked, you should contact a divorce lawyer to advise you where you stand in regards to the law and your obligations and responsibilities should you decide to proceed to initiate divorce proceedings.

Don`t just settle for any lawyer, you need a specialist divorce lawyer who has vast experience in mediation and negotiation skillsets.

Singapore Family Courts are encouraging all lawyers practicing family law to be competent at mediation and negotiation techniques in order to resolve cases before they end up in court. Lawyers who lack such qualifications and skillsets are more likely to approach the divorce process in a litigatious manner which can end up costing you thousands of dollars more.

Free Consultation:
A good divorce lawyer will give you a free consultation and advise you on which way to best move forward in your set of circumstances. They should also be able to offer you options on resolving your matter amicably with your spouse through Alternative dispute resolution routes like mediation and the Collaborative divorce process.

Your divorce lawyer is there to listen, guide and represent your interests

Always consult top divorce lawyers in Singapore for the best advise possible. Click here to learn more.

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