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How Does Divorce Mediation Work

Divorce will often involve a very tough time for the entire family. Proper settlement should be made for children and property. The process may involve a lot of anger, frustration and anxiety between the spouses and a great deal of stress to bear with. Divorce mediation helps both spouses in making arrangements for their children and other aspects without the need to approach lawyers or a court.

Mediation in Singapore involves both parties in making settlements and working out arrangements for themselves and their children instead of handing over the matter to solicitors or a court. The attorneys for mediation are impartial and they do not tell people what they must do or they have no power to enforce their own decision. Their key role is to reduce conflict by counselling couples to consider the issues that need to be addressed and the various options of settlement that are available to them. The mediator works for financial settlements and understand the emotions and feelings of children, thereby, encourage parental cooperation wherever necessary.

Mediation sessions in Singapore usually last for an hour. The number of sessions required for the process depends on the nature of the problems. The charges to be paid to the mediator are generally payable at the end of each session and may be shared between the couple in their suitable way. The counsellor or the mediator neither encourage for separation nor compel people to continue relationship if the either party is unwilling to do so. They simply encourage couples to come to a joint decision wherever possible.

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