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Child Care and Maintenance

When couples are unable to bear natural children, adoption is the choice.

Both married couples and singles can adopt a child under Singapore's Adoption of Child Act. Child adoption Singapore allows only Singaporean citizens or permanent residents. The bulk of foreign adopted babies come from Malaysia and Indonesia’s (Ministry of Social and Family Development) figures showed that Child adoption Singapore took a sharp plunge from 731 a decade ago to 352 in 2014.

People prepare for a child custody case because the parents can not come to an out-of-court, mutual agreement so they turn to the court to help settle this problem. Sometimes, the physical custody of the children turns a bit difficult to agree on but with the help of an experienced mediator, parents can discuss which situation is in the best interest of the children and who should be the primary caretaker.

There are different forms of child custody. Some of them include Alternating custody, Shared custody, Bird's nest custody, Joint custody, Split custody, Third party custody etc. Child maintenance is another process undertaken. When the parents of a child have separated, the non-resident parent still has to provide the present resident parents with money to help them sustain their welfare.

In this case, courts do not have the power to deal with disputes regarding child maintenance. Making agreements legally binding is all that courts can do. If one parent dies or the child stops being eligible for child benefit, this process might stop.

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