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Children in a High Conflict Divorce

Divorce never a nice experience to go through, especially for children. When parents go through a divorce, children are not always acknowledged in the manner that they should, be it at the initial or final stages of the divorce process.

This situation can create problems with how children perceive day to day life. The impact of a contested divorce tends to be far more noticeable to the children than to the parents. It can affect their views, opinions, and attitudes.

Children are busy carrying the load of peer pressure and learning who they are. Adults should never forget what it is like to be a child dealing with their daily pressures. Unfortunately many parents seem to be blind to the fact their divorce does affect their children as much as it does them.

Divorce can cause many different emotional reactions:

  • Feeling of anger
  • Sadness
  • Hard time comprehending why their parents are arguing
  • The fear of rejection: “Will my parents stop loving me?
Parents need to why they are separating and comfort them as much as possible during this process.

Child(ren) need not only cope with the loss of a parent, but must also wrestle with the torment of being removed from someone who has been a lifelong guidance and companion.

Your divorce lawyer will bring to your attention that contested divorce brings out a lot of legal issues, which include child custody (care & control), visitation rights, and child support.

If you believe your divorce is likely to be a high conflict one, you should contact an experienced divorce lawyer who is qualified in or has had training in Mediation, Negotiation and Collaborative Divorce Law.

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