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What is the Role of a Civil & Commercial Lawyer in Singapore?

A civil lawyer deals with civil disputes under the civil legal system, and a commercial lawyer deals with issues of public law and private law. A commercial lawyer deals with law that is business-related, such as the Law of Contract, Law of Agency and Company Law.

When consumers are harmed by an unsafe product, they have a product liability claim against the persons who designed, manufactured, sold, or furnished that product. Such product liability claims are seen as an effective tool for consumer protection, which is governed by the Unfair Contract Terms Act. Contractual disputes may arise when consumers have weaker bargaining positions in most consumer transactions.

Contractual disputes arise when a party to a contract breaches the contract, or acts negligently. In such contractual disputes, unless there is a contractual term or notice which limits, restricts or excludes one party’s liability, that party is required to pay compensation or provide specific performance of the terms of the contract.

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