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Reasons why you should make a Will - Wills Lawyer in Singapore

Will Writing Services in Singapore

A valid Will is the only way to ensure that your possessions are distributed in the way you wish after your passing. As we age, we are always encouraged to draw up a Will as it has many benefits, both for you and your loved ones.

In general, a Will outlines the way you wish to distribute your estate after your passing, and appoints an executor to be in charge of the distribution. Apart from the division of the estate, a Will also allow you to leave specific instructions to your loved ones, such as appointing the guardian for young children, making adequate provision for your dependents and even state your preferred funeral arrangements.

A Will affords you the freedom to choose your beneficiaries and indicate their individual shares of the estate. It overcomes the difficult process of estate division that is determined by laws of intestate succession. It also allows your estate to vest in the executors after your passing, making the process of estate distribution to be easier and faster. When you have a Will, your executor only needs to apply for a Grant of Probate after your passing in order to handle your estate according to your wishes.

If a Will is not available upon your passing, the distribution of your estate will follow the laws of intestate succession. It also means that the Public Trustee will handle the distribution of the estate. Your loved ones will need to apply for a Grant of Letters of Administration, after which the Court will appoint an administrator to assist in the distribution of the estate. This process can be long and protracted, involving many documents to be submitted and much paperwork.

It may seem daunting to plan for the future and discuss the distribution of your personal assets, but the benefits of drawing up a Will are substantial. Good Estate lawyers in Singapore can put your mind at ease by providing advice you can trust. Our team of Estate lawyers are experienced and trusted by many.
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