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All you need to know about Divorce in Singapore

Divorce itself brings a lot of stress and is a complicated process in an individual life. Here is a complete guide to getting the divorce in Singapore. You will get details on how to look for the divorce lawyer, how to handle the marriage termination, what to expect from the divorce process and how to handle with the other factors associated to the divorce.

Before getting a divorce
  • Overview of How to Get a Divorce in Singapore
  • How Can I Divorce Overseas?
  • How to get a divorce within 3 years of marriage
  • What are the Legal Grounds for Getting a Divorce?
  • Separation in Singapore
  • Practical preparations for a divorce
  • 3 Finance Questions To Ask Before a Divorce

Other divorce matters
  • Divorce Mediation in Singapore
  • What happens to your HDB flat after an annulment?
  • Personal Protection Orders (PPOs), Expedited Orders (EOs) and Domestic Exclusion Orders (DEOs) in Singapore
  • Prenuptial agreements in Singapore
  • Annulment of Marriage in Singapore
  • Case Study - Love conquers all: The divorce that didn’t happen

Getting a divorce lawyer

Provide evidence for the divorce
  • How to Prove Adultery for Divorce Purposes
  • How to Prove Separation
  • How to Prove Unreasonable Behaviour
  • Getting a Divorce: How to Prove Desertion

Initial application for the marriage termination

Ancillary matters (Child Custody, Maintenance, Assets)
  • Procedure for ancillary matters
  • What happens to gifts between spouses when a marriage breaks down?
  • What happens to property and assets located overseas upon a divorce in Singapore?
  • Maintenance of Spouse in a Singapore Divorce
  • The Guide to Child Custody, Care and Control, and Access in Singapore
  • How does the Court divide matrimonial assets in a divorce?
  • Getting Divorced: Child Maintenance in Singapore

Important facts Post-Divorce
  • What happens to your HDB flat after divorce?
  • What Happens If Your Ex-Spouse Does Not Provide Maintenance?
  • Variation of Maintenance Orders in Singapore
  • What Happens If Your Ex-Spouse Does Not Give You Access to Your Child?

Factors to consider for emigrant divorce

Understand the Sayriah or Muslim divorce
  • Muslim Divorce in Singapore

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