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Guide to Choose a Good Divorce Lawyer in Singapore

An overview to find a divorce lawyer
The market has a large number of lawyers for different fields. You can find over 400 law firms in your area to help you in handling the divorce cases. Always make the choice to get in touch with the best divorce lawyer and settle with the most affordable and suitable lawyer. Here is a guide that will help you to get the best lawyer.

Educate yourself on divorce:
You should gather the complete knowledge of the divorce process and the lawyer. Make sure to understand the legal procedure, ask necessary documents and read the specifications of the process. Make sure to ask the necessary questions like:-
  • Can you divorce in Singapore
  • Know the legal grounds and knowledge of uncontested divorce and contested divorce
  • Understand the considerations
It is also easy to gather the relevant information over the internet. Know the complexity of your case and see how you can handle different matters of divorce like child custody, alimony, asset division and other important decisions.

Finding the divorce lawyers:
In Singapore, you will find a list of small and big law firms along with the individual lawyers. You can opt for some of the popular methods like:
  • Word-of-mouth: This is the most popular method to find a lawyer. You can trust this method, as people provide their personal experience with the particular lawyer. This clears about the experience, benefits, fees, and capability of an individual lawyer for your case.
  • Online advertisement: Online is the right platform where you can get complete detail of all the available lawyers in your area.
  • Directory of lawyers: In this, you can find the updated list of the popular lawyers and law firm.
Choose your divorce lawyer:
Once you shortlist the lawyers, it is time to make the final decision. Just contact the lawyer through phone, email or by a physical visit to the office. In this, you should clear about the legal service that you need, the overall cost of the service, additional charges, experience of the lawyer and who are the lawyers that will be dealing with your case. Adding to this, ensure that you have a lawyer with whom you are comfortable enough to share the details of your case. Be clear that a law is a personal service and you need a personalised support from the lawyer. Therefore, never compromise on the quality of the lawyer.

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